A Kiwi business, through and through…

Kiwi couple in front of a kiwi sign

Like many New Zealand businesses, we began with a couple of mates and what we thought was a pretty good idea.

With a good understanding of New Zealand’s fuel market, we saw an opportunity to help everyday Kiwi motorists save on fuel by offering genuine discounts at the pump with ‘no strings’ attached.

When we set up our fuelcards business 15 years ago, we set our sights on Northland, and we called ourselves ‘Far North Fuels’. Little did we know that our modest business offering would catch on further down the line, and we’d end up with customers from Kaitaia to Bluff.

So in 2017, we had another good idea – we thought we’d celebrate taking our business south of the Brynderwyns and over the Strait, and change our name to ‘Kiwi Fuelcards’ – because that’s exactly what we are – fuelcards for all Kiwis.

Thanks to all our loyal customers over the years…

We’re proud to say that 15 years later we’re still going strong, thanks to the support of thousands of awesome customers who signed up to what was then ‘Far North Fuels’.

We’ve been proud to serve all our loyal customers over the years, and while the Far North Fuels brand will always hold a place in our hearts, we’re loving our new brand, Kiwi Fuelcards, and the bright, fresh new energy it has brought to our business. So as we close one chapter on our life, we can’t wait to start on the next!.

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