Filling car with cheap petrol with kiwi fuelcards

We're proud to partner with Mobil, Z/Caltex and BP stations across NZ

We’re delighted to have long-standing relationships with New Zealand’s major fuel partners, which allows us to pass great savings on to you.

For the last 15 years, we have worked alongside Mobil, Z/Caltex and BP to offer our customers fantastic fuel savings across New Zealand, at over 900 stations! As well as Mobil, Z/Caltex, BP and G.A.S stations, we also offer discounted fuel at truck stops throughout the country, so wherever you are, you’re never far from discounted fuel through Kiwi Fuelcards.

We’ve secured a deal with the big boys, so you get the savings

Mobil, Z/Caltex and BP all offer great deals to large corporates and other large scale fuel users, but working with us also allows them to help out the rest of New Zealand – every Kiwi (and every Kiwi business) who is keen on genuine fuel savings, so you can journey that little bit further. This is a great example of the big boys helping out the little guy – whether you’re the mum who drives for miles every week taking kids to soccer and ballet and school, the retiree helping out with your local charity, the Dad taking his family on an epic summer road trip or the mate who always offers to drive on your weekend fishing or surfing missions. We’re here to help, with the help of our friends at Mobil, Z/Caltex and BP.

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