Fuel tax in Auckland offset by Kiwi Fuelcards

Filling car with petrol and saving on fuel with Kiwi Fuelcards

Regional fuel tax is expected to be in place for Aucklanders before the end of 2018, to help fund a multibillion-dollar investment in light rail for the city.

The new Labour-led Government has confirmed it will change the law to allow Auckland Council to introduce a regional petrol tax, likely to be set at 10c a litre and introduced in the next 6 months.

While the new light rail system will provide the beginning of a fantastic long-term solution for Auckland’s infamous traffic congestion, it will also be a hard pill to swallow for everyone living in Auckland who will be asked to pay more for their fuel.

At Kiwi Fuelcards, we believe there’s a solution to every problem, and this one easy! You see, with a Kiwi Fuelcard, you can save up to 10 cents (sometimes more!) per litre, every time you fill up. This means with a Kiwi Fuelcard, you can simply avoid the price hike and carry on paying the same price for your fuel – in fact, if you sign up now, you’ll save even more!

The new Government has committed to make an immediate start on modern trams to Westgate and West Auckland as well as trams from the airport to the Auckland CBD. Incoming Transport Minister Phil Twyford also expects to have commuter rail between Auckland and Hamilton running in the next year.

He has said the money raised from petrol taxes would contribute about 10 per cent of the $15 billion, 10-year infrastructure programme that Labour has committed to.

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