Regional fuel tax hits Auckland motorists hard

Aucklanders are finding creative ways to tackle the new regional fuel tax, but we reckon we have the best option of all – a Kiwi Fuelcard!

The regional fuel tax, voted for by Auckland City Council in May this year, has become a reality for Auckland motorists, with pump prices up by 11.5 cents in some areas.

This has led to motorists finding creative ways to keep their fuel costs down, like buying fuel just outside the Auckland region (in Mercer and Pokeno), using public transport, or swapping the car for a bike (assuming you don’t need to transport all the kids to school and you live within cycling distance of work). There are also some great car pooling initiatives in place, like ride-sharing apps and websites including Smart Travel, Easy As Carpooling and CarpoolWorld.

But it’s hard to go past a Kiwi Fuelcard as the best possible solution, with a guaranteed saving of up to 12 cents per litre (for every litre!) with every fill at one of our 900 stations nationwide (including nearly 100 in Auckland!) Unlike other fuel cards, you don’t need to own a farm or business, have additional loyalty cards to other organisations or collect points or grocery dockets. We just offer genuine discounts at the pump.

We reckon we’re just another great example of an innovative Kiwi company doing our bit to make life easier for fellow Kiwis. So don’t pay more than you need to for fuel – get your Kiwi Fuelcard today.


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